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NFTS graduation film shortlisted for the student BAFTA

Short film commissioned by BFI and BBC Four as part of Animation 2018. Screened on BBC Four 2nd December 2018

break up


AUB Graduation Film

An eternal man is plugged into a simulation of the universe.

NFTS Project

Guy is addicted to the meories of his Ex, no matter how painful



NFTS Project

A boy slips in and out of dreams on a late night drive home.

NFTS Project

A girl enters a bar in the belly of a whale.

micro shorts


A short piece of animation I created for Beakus NewD contest, for which I was shortlisted.


Music- Luvkraft- "Hands"

Ghost in the Machine

A short piece of animation I did for a TV pitch reel by Miranda Soar. 

Link to full reel-


Kurt the Cloud

Stella and Steve 

An animatic I made for a project at NFTS
Written- Ed Smith, Rebbecca Martin, Sophie Sims
Editor- Tine Jensen
Composer- Jose Pavli
Sound Editor- Sean McGarrity


An animatic developed during my application workshop for NFTS.
When her carefree boyfriend is put in danger, a wary astronaut must break her cautious ways to save him.