A short film I directed as part of BFI's Animtion 2018, broadcast on BBC Four 2nd December 2018.

Official Selection- Thessaloniki Animation Festival

Mary and Archie are obsessive shavers. Archie hates hair, and Mary loves Archie. But when Mary starts to wonder what might happen if she let it grow, it threatens their relationship. And she must make a choice. Hair? Or Archie?

Featuring the voices of Valene Kane (Mary) and Jonathan Aris (Archie).

The full film is available to watch on BFI player (UK only) at this link- https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-hair-2018-online

The film was inspired by an article that claimed razor companies in the early twentieth century realised they could double their sales by marketing to woman. Thus was born the bizarre trend of body hair removal, and societal disgust for it. From this came the idea of a controlling relationship where the man forces the woman to remove something that is a natural feature of her body.

mary and hair concept0.jpg
bathroom concept 8v40.jpg
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hair world concept 5_v40.jpg
hair world concept 3_v4000.jpg
lounge conept 4_v60.jpg
bath concept 3_v40.jpg
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