NFTS graduation film, a 2D/live action hybrid film.

PS Paul Connolly is a long serving Police Officer, a strong and confident man until the day that his police radio triggers waves of flashbacks to his early years on the force. The first symptoms of his PTSD.

Based on accounts of my fathers years in the police force, and his subsequent experience of PTSD flashbacks, that made him relieve suppressed traumas from years ago. He told me how his life was juxtapositions of petty crimes, family life and horrific murders, and how as a uniformed officer his job was to secure a scene and move onto the next job. I wanted to evoke a waking nightmare, the characters descent from in control to helplessness.

Shortlisted for Student BAFTA
Official Selection- Seuol International Animation Festival
Official Selection- Thessaloniki Animation Film Festival

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